Competition Bbq Secrets Reviewed – Bill Anderson’s Best Recipes

Everybody loves great BBQ. If you would like to learn the secret to great BBQ, you need to get yourself a copy of Bill Anderson’s Competition BBQ Secrets. You might be wondering why you need to buy a book when you can easily find free recipes and tips online. The reality is that the free online tips and recipes are not proven winners, but Bill is a winner and has provided his secrets in his book.

Who is Bill Anderson?

the master himselfBill Anderson comes from Savannah, Georgia, which is the middle of BBQ country. His highly decorated Chatham Artillery BBQ Team has won numerous BBQ competitions. Bill Anderson acquired his winning secrets that are contained in the book after spending years on trial and error before getting to the top.

Why Choose Competition BBQ Secrets?

Whether you only want to impress your friend at your next BBQ or would like to participate in a competition, Competition BBQ Secrets is all you need. It is a very comprehensive book that will teach you how to prepare sauces, glazes, and marinades.

shish kebab recipe in full effectThe secret to great barbecuing is learning how to make sure that you are using the right temperature and time for meats of different kinds. Another important secret is learning how to choose the right charcoal or wood and what different techniques you can use to produce the best barbecue.

Competition BBQ Secrets even shows you how to make a great rub. You can even take it a notch higher and learn how to prepare and use delicious brines, marinades, and injections that improve the quality of your recipes. The book also tells you how you can use finishing glazes and sauces on your barbecue recipes.

In the Competition BBQ Secrets book, you will find a very informative section on the different cookers. You will learn about different types of stoves from old Weber kettle grills to professional offset smokers. The book also contains a wonderful section on the choice of wood and how to get the highly desired smoke flavor. The book even has a full chapter dedicated to barbecue science.

You could even manage to add your twist to the tips and recipes provides in Competition BBQ Secrets and end up becoming a great BBQ champion just like Bill Anderson.

BBQ to A Higher Level

perfect chicken skewers on the grillCompetition BBQ Secrets has all the secret tips and tricks to give you an edge when it comes to everything barbecue. You will also learn about preparing for competitions and a handy checklist of what is required.

The book provides a list of all BBQ Associations in existence and the corresponding web addresses for each. Different BBQ Associations have different contests, and you can easily find their schedules. You will even learn about where to get a list of matches in a single location.

Final Thoughts

Competition BBQ Secrets is quite a good E-book that teaches you the secret to cooking chicken, ribs, brisket, and all kinds of meats from a winning champion. Different meats are cooked differently from the cooking temperature to the cooking time. You will learn about all the mistakes you have been making when it comes to BBQ.

The book provides a complete list of resources for sauces, rubs, marinades, and much more. It takes lots of trial and error before figuring out what works and you can quickly cut to the chase by learning from a trusted expert like Bill who has gone through it all.

Turning your BBQ cooking into healthy and mouth-watering dishes takes just one little secret. If you would like to stop wasting your meat and start impressing your family and friends, the Competition BBQ Secrets is a highly recommended resource that will take your BBQ skills to the next level.

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